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 We are no longer building tear-drop trailers


Welcome to our teardrop trailer site where we used to make and sell teardrop trailers. Teardrops have been making a comeback lately, at least that is what was said in an article from the 40's.  With today's  gas prices maybe the teardrop's time has truly come. Why motor around the country in an $100,000 RV coach getting 6 miles to the gallon when you can pull your light weight teardrop camp trailer with your average car and get 18 to 25 MPG plus. Many people that have a hard time getting up and down the stairs or a large motor home are amazed at how easy it is to get into a lightweight teardrop trailer. When it comes to cost teardrops are even easier to get into. With entry level units starting at less than $7000 and for the do it yourself type plans are available to build your own teardrop camper for around $1500 this is an affordable way to camp off the ground. With classic camper models to pull behind your classic car to modern versions that still have that classic camper look, teardrop campers seem to bring out a soft spot in most people that see them. Please browse our site for pictures of our teardrop trailers as well as pictures of other teardrops and some vintage camping trailers. Recreational vehicles with a new twist on an old favorite


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Check out our progress as we build our site and our teardrop trailers! Our first tear drop camper is a 4' x 8' built on a folding Harbor Freight trailer frame. The Harbor Freight trailer has it's advantages such as easily licensed and the inexpensive price. The 4' by 8' size is small and easy to handle. Our second teardrop trailer is a five foot wide  just about nine and one half feet long, we call it hot rod. We still want to make sure we are building low weight camping trailers so today's smaller cars can tow them. Our third trailer will probably be lemon drop and will be designed to tow behind a 2006 Scion xB

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