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Our first teardrop trailer "Woody"

Pictures of the creation of woody

woody the tear drop trailer

Woody is a 4' by 8' teardrop trailer built on a Harbor Freight trailer frame. With a total weight of around 650 pounds Woody is easy to maneuver and a cinch to pull. Scott said his temperature gauge never went up even after climbing out of Cottonwood. The Suzuki had no problems keeping a good speed up hill. 25 + MPG and comfortable camping at the same time! Scott is the main force behind our tear drop trailers. He wanted to build a trailer for his own use. Doug and Steve thought it was a great idea and that they wanted their own teardrops as well. Scott has since moved on and Doug and Steve are too busy running Shelves That Slide creating the best pull out shelves available

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side walls and roof bows installed in teardrop trailer
interior walls are prefinished apple ply makes for a bright teardrop interiorteardrop trailer interior pictureteardrop trailer galley picture
galley hatch frame in place on teardrop traileraluminum for roof clamped on trailer for ride from metal yardinsulation installed in teardrop trailer's wallSteve grinding off the store pad from the tear drop trailer
outer wood skin installed on teardrop
Doug's turn for some grindingskinned side shottop in place it is starting to look like a teardrop

upper cabinets frame installedtrim to secure the topearly fitting of wood side trimthe teardrop is starting to get some styleinside with door in place
wow, I think we should call it woodygalley hatch detailgalley hatch and trim on teardrop camperlooks like it is almost ready to go camping
Rear shot before the tailights and platetile floor checker board patternteardrop trailer ready to rolllook ma, no windows but otherwise the little camper is ready to go
teardrop's completed inside cabinetsdoors open up and out of the way

The reviews are in and Scott says it will be a long time before he goes tent camping again. The teardrop worked out great for he and Shari. Even at only 4' wide there was plenty of room for the two of them. They had no problem hauling it around accept for being stopped over and over again by curious campers. They loved talking about it and showing off all of the hard work. That night was cool with temperatures in the high 40's to low 50's. They stayed warm as could be and actually found themselves opening the windows to let some cool air in. Although woody still needs some weather strip on the galley and a couple more coats of varnish on the sides we have to say it is not only road ready but very much road worthy!

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